Drive Mad

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Join the car races in Drive Mad

The craziest car race is organized in the hottest car game called Drive Mad. Attend it and let's see whether you can reach the finish line safely to win.

In this game, you have to drive your car to race on dangerous terrains. You must keep balance whenever going over slopes. Try not to make your car flip and break if you do not want to lose soon. If you can reach the finish line safely, you will get victory and step into the next level. Note that all your moments will be captured even when you lose or win. It is an opportunity for you to show off your driving skills. Good luck!

How to control

Press a W or Up Arrow Key to go forward.

Press an S or Down Arrow Key to go backward.

Useful tactics to win all levels in Drive Mad

There are a total of 100 levels in this game. The distance between the starting point and the finish line will rise corresponding to the level. Moreover, the terrain of the racetrack will become more treacherous when you move to the next level. Therefore, it may be challenging for you to conquer all tracks in the game. However, don't worry as I will suggest some strategies. They will help you beat levels easily.

  • When your car transforms into a jet airplane at level 39, it has no handbrake. You can run on the slope and then wait for it to go backward and stop.
  • At level 43, you will drive an excavator. You must utilize the excavator arm to go forward and touch the finish line.
  • At level 45, the racetrack will move forward automatically. You should keep your car at the starting point and wait for a good opportunity. Then, drive it to reach the finish line to win.