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About Gulper.io

Let's join the hunt for food with snakes in Gulper.io. Compete with other players to eat as many glowing dots as possible to raise your length and score.

This game is a variant of Snake Game, so their gameplay is fairly similar. This game requires you to consume the glowing dots. These dots will increase not only your length but also your score. There are no obstacles in the arena, so you do not need to worry. Just remember that you should not collide with the edges and other snakes if you do not want to die soon. In particular, you need to watch out for other snakes at all times as they always want to kill. They will trap you to kill you as the glowing dots from your body can help to increase their growth progress faster. When you are about to crash into other snakes, you need to change your moving direction immediately. Of course, you can do the same thing with them to grow faster and gain more points.

How to control

Use the mouse to navigate the way.

Hold the left mouse button or the Spacebar to accelerate the speed.

The leaderboard of Gulper.io

Like Little Big Snake, this game also offers a leaderboard. There are two kinds of leaderboards in the game. They are a daily leaderboard and an all-time leaderboard. The daily leaderboard will show the ranks, names, and scores of the top 100 players who get the highest score in a day. The data will be updated every day. On the all-time leaderboard, you can see the ranks, names, and scores of 100 players at all times. The data of this leaderboard is updated every second. Play the game now and try to gain a high rank on these leaderboards. Share the game if you find it interesting.