Horror Tale: Kidnapper

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The gameplay of Horror Tale: Kidnapper

Experience frightening moments in Horror Tale: Kidnapper which is a horror game. Move around to explore the mysteries and evade the kidnapper at night.

Escape from the kidnapper

In this game, you will play as Tom. As Billy and Emma have disappeared, your mom and Harry's mom will join the search team. You are assigned a mission which is to collect eggs and take them to Harry. Harry is waiting for you in the tree house. Therefore, you must get to it quickly. Along the way, you are attacked by the kidnapper and faint. When waking up, you get stuck in a locked room. Use the bricks to destroy the door and escape from it now. Do not forget to collect the weapons to protect yourself from the kidnapper. Find the map and reach different places to find Harry. As soon as you see the kidnapper, you must hide carefully to avoid being killed. Try to figure out Harry and return to your home safely.

This game features the first-person perspective, so it will bring the most immersive playing experience. If you are a big fan of horror games, try the game out now!

How to control

Press WASD keys to move.

Press an F key to take action.

Press a C key to crouch.

Press the H key to open the hint menu.

Press an X key to leave the item.

Press a G key to throw an item

Press a P key to pause and skip cut scenes.

All levels of difficulty in the game

This game offers four levels of difficulty. They are Ghost, Easy, Normal, and Hard.

  • Ghost: If you choose this level of difficulty, the rival cannot see you and attack you.
  • Easy: This level of difficulty is designed for beginners. In this level of difficulty, the enemy will move slowly. Moreover, he cannot see or hear well. You will have 5 lives if you choose the easy level.
  • Normal: The movement of your opponent in this level of difficulty is quick. This normal level will provide you with 3 lives.
  • Hard: The hard level is suitable for skillful players as the enemy can move very fast and has perfect seeing and hearing abilities. Note that you have only 2 lives if you choose this level of difficulty.