Monkey Mart

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Become the boss of Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart offers you an opportunity to become the manager of a supermarket in the jungle. Manage your staff to fulfill all shelves to attract many customers.

You open a supermarket in the jungle and want to attract more customers. First, you need to grow some kinds of fruits such as bananas and corn. Then, you need to harvest them and transfer them to the shelves. Your customers will come and buy them. At this time, your mission is to collect their payment. The corn you collect can be used to feed chickens and dairy cows. Sell the chicken eggs and milk to earn extra money. Furthermore, you can make some junk food such as banana ice cream and popcorn to sell. Note that the more products your supermarket has, the more money you will earn. Try to earn as much money as possible and grow your supermarket.

How to control: Press Arrow Keys to control the monkey.

Some tips for Monkey Mart

  • Wake your staff up when they sleep.
  • Upgrade your staff to increase their speed and productivity.
  • Sometimes the chicken and the cow will sleep, so you need to wake them up to get more eggs and milk.
  • Be careful with naughty monkeys who will destroy the shelves in your supermarket.