Paper.io 2

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The mechanics of Paper.io 2

Conquer the territory

Paper.io 2 is the second installment of this series created by Voodoo. Expand your territory as large as possible to become the kind on the map.

Like Cubes 2048, this game also features multiplayer. In this game, you will get an opportunity to join the territory war between many players from all over the world. Guide your square to move around the map and mark your territory. Your status in the arena will increase if your territory is expanded. Therefore, you must try to capture the largest territory to get a crown and the kind on the map. The king will gain the first rank on the leaderboard. Be careful as all players in the arena always want to assassinate you. They will cut into you to kill you. As soon as you see them, you need to return to your territory as fast as possible to avoid being murdered. Of course, you can do the same thing with them to eliminate them from the map.

How to control: Use the mouse to control the square to navigate the way.

Complete different challenges

This game has 21 challenges. They are to take 15% in this small map, kill all other players, take down 10 opponents, take 75% with low speed, take 50% with inverted controls, and so on. You must complete them while playing the game. You will claim valuable rewards after accomplishing a challenge. For example, if you can take 15% in this small map, you will be rewarded with a Christmas skin. Do your best to finish all challenges to obtain surprising gifts.

Prominent features of Paper.io 2

Available game modes

There are 8 game modes in this game. Each game mode has a distinct feature and objective. Here is the list of game modes in the game.

  • Classic Mode: In this mode, your goal is to conquer more territories and get a high rank on the leaderboard.
  • Teams: If you do not want to play alone, this mode is the best choice. In this mode, you and the other 4 players will become a team. All members of a team will have the same color. Your team will need to fight against other teams in the arena to capture more territories. Note that you will not die if you crash into your teammates.
  • Small Map: The map in this mode is very small. Moreover, if you collide with the edges of the map, you will lose. Therefore, you should be careful.
  • Fast Speed: In this mode, your speed will rise dramatically. This will be challenging for you to control the square.
  • World Conflict: In this mode, you will get a chance to represent your country to fight for territory. Try to become the largest country in the world.
  • World Map: The map in this mode is simulated to the world map.
  • Battle Royale: In this mode, the map will shrink gradually. You need to stay inside the safe zone to avoid falling off the map. Moreover, your goal in this map is to stay alive as long as possible.
  • Create Party: This mode allows you to invite your friends to play with you. You can create a private room and send the room link to your friends. Your friends will enter this private map and battle with you.

Various skins

If you want to become dominant in the arena, why don't you visit the shop and buy new skins? The shop sells 45 skins at different prices. They can be a green goblin, venom, baby yoda, doctor, Thanos, cupid, duck, cake, and so on. Some of them are available at the start of the game. Meanwhile, the others are only unlocked after you finish the challenges in the game. Besides, do not forget to share the game with your friends to get two premium skins.