Stumble Guys

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All things you can do in Stumble Guys

Win all rounds

Stumble Guys is an intriguing multiplayer party game in which you must join different challenges. Try to defeat your rivals in 3 rounds to become the victor.

Play this game and transform into a stumbling guy. You have to embark on three challenges. In these challenges, you have to confront the other 32 players from all over the world. In the first round, you need to defeat the other 16 guys to become one of the winners. The winner will be qualified to move to the next round. In the next round, only 8 players are chosen to step into the final round. The final round is super important as there is only a victor. Actually, in the final round, you often have to participate in the survival challenge. If you and other players can survive for more than 6 minutes, the extra round will be unlocked.

Join different challenges

This game features many challenges that will be selected randomly. In general, there are three kinds of challenges in this game. Each challenge will take place on a different map.

  • Race To Finish: Your objective in this challenge is to dodge all obstacles on the racetrack and reach the finish line before your rivals do that. The maps of this challenge are Icy Heights, Tile Falls, Cannon Climb, Pivot Push, Jungle Roll, Lost Temple, and so on. On each map, you will encounter different obstacles and traps. For example, in the Icy Heights map, you have to run on an icy racetrack that is extremely slippery. Meanwhile, the Cannon Climb map features giant cannons that fire big balls.
  • Don't Fall: This challenge requests you to stay alive until the time is over. This challenge often takes place on four maps which are Laser Tracer, Block Dash, Bombardment, and Honey Drop.
  • Team Stages: This challenge will divide you and the other 32 players into two teams. You need to join the shooting fights in the Rocket Rumbles map or soccer matches in the Stumble Soccer map. Try your best to score more points than the opposite team to win the challenge.

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How to control

Press ARROW KEYS or WASD keys to move.

Press SPACEBAR to jump.

Reasons you should try playing Stumble Guys

Various characters

Like Little Big Snake, this game also offers many characters. Each character has a distinct style and color. They are classified into 5 kinds which are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. It is easy for you to get Common and Uncommon characters as they can be exchanged with gems or stumble tokens. For Rare, Epic, and Legendary, you need to spin the lucky wheel or gain them from the Stumble Pass. After obtaining your favorite character, you can customize it with different colors, emotions, and animations.

Stumble Pass

Sign in and play this game every day to accumulate stars. If you can accumulate enough 30 stars, you can unlock the Stumble Pass. Then, you can use the stars you earn to buy premium tickets or free tickets. These tickets can be used to unlock premium characters, taunt animations, gems, and stumble tokens. Note that the premium tickets will bring you more valuable rewards.