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The gameplay of Territorial.io

Expand your territory

Territorial.io is an engaging multiplayer strategy game made by David Tschacher. Conquer 500 other countries in the world and increase your interest income.

If you are searching for multiplayer games like Cubes 2048, this game is suitable for you. In this game, your objective is to expand your country by battling with other countries in the world. Click the Attack icon to conquer other lands and expand your territory as large as possible. Note that your targets are small neighboring countries. For larger countries, it is a good idea to apply the peaceful method. This will help to defend your country from more powerful enemies. You can ask to organize an official alliance by clicking the Handshake icon. In case there is no hope for your country in the territory war, you can be active to surrender. After you surrender, you will lose your territory. However, I do not recommend you surrender soon. Let's fight to the last breath.

Raise your interest income

The larger your territory is, the higher interest you will gain. Besides, your interest rate also rises when your score increases. Therefore, you should do your best to expand your territory as large as possible and gain the highest possible score to earn a high interest. Another way to increase your interest is to build more troops. Whenever you click on the screen, a troop is constructed. These troops will help to generate more interest income.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose the icons.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many game modes are there in Territorial.io?

This game also has many game modes. This is similar to Paper.io 2. These game modes are Battle Royale, Full Send Disabled, 1v1, Team, Zombies, and Single Player Mode. Each game mode has a unique feature. Let me take an example. The Full Send Disabled mode will limit your attack ability. Specifically, your attack will be limited to around 20%, which means that you are not allowed to constantly attack other players on the map. Meanwhile, in the Team mode, you can play as a team with other players on the map. All members of a team will be marked with the same color. The members of a team can donate the balance to each other to increase the power of your team. If you play this game alone or just start to discover this game, the Single Play Mode is the best choice. This mode features five levels of difficulty which are Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, or Very Hard. Choose one of them and fight against bots to become the largest country in the world.

2. How many maps are there in this game?

There are 14 maps in this game. They are White Arena, Black Arena, Island, Mountains, Desert, Swamp, Snow, Cliffs, Pond, Halo, Europe, World, Caucasia, and USA 48. The area and structure of the maps are different. For instance, the White Arena has 51 984 colonizable pixels while the Black Arena has 636,804 colonizable pixels. This will bring you a scintillating playing experience.