Cubes 2048

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Cubes 2048

Cubes 2048 is an entertaining multiplayer snake game. Maneuver the snake to gather as many cubes as possible to get a bigger cube and become a snake king.

Engaging gameplay

This game is a wonderful combination of a snake game and a 2048 game. First, you need to enter your name and then click the Play button to play this game now.

After clicking the Play button, you will be teleported to a wide arena where many players from all over the world are fighting for cubes. In this arena, you need to take control of your snake to crawl around to collect cubes. Your snake is made from different cubes. These cubes have the number 2 at the start of the game. Therefore, you need to collect other cubes with the number 2 in the arena to raise the number of your snake from 2 to 4. Similarly, when your snake has the number 4, you can gather cubes with the number 2 or 4. Keep in mind that the higher number your snake gets, the bigger it is.

In addition to consuming the cubes, you can increase the growth progress of your snake by attacking snakes in the arena. Your targets are snakes which have smaller numbers. They can run very fast to avoid being murdered. If you want to catch up with them, you need to accelerate your speed. Furthermore, you should not fight against the snakes which have the same number as you. You will get nothing if you do that. Watch out for enemies with higher numbers. Do not crash into them unless you want to die soon. As soon as you see them, you need to run to escape from them. Hold the left mouse button to boost the speed to escape faster.

This game has no time limit, so you can spend all day playing this game. The graphics are not only colorful but also attractive. Moreover, the music is catchy. They are the reasons that many players join and appreciate this game.

How to control


Use the mouse to navigate the way.

Hold the left mouse button to improve the speed.


Tap the screen to navigate the way.

Double-tap the screen to crawl faster.

*Note: You should hold the left mouse button for 2 seconds and release it. When the speed clock disappears, it means that you cannot increase the speed anymore. Wait for 6 seconds and then hold the left mouse button to pick up the speed one more time.

Pro strategies to become a snake king in Cubes 2048

Utilize power-ups in the arena

In the arena, you can see two kinds of power-ups. They are a speed power-up and a 2x multiplier power-up. The speed power-up looks like arrow symbols. If you grab this power-up, your speed will increase dramatically. However, its effect will disappear after 3 seconds. You can utilize this speed power-up to escape from dangerous opponents in the arena. Otherwise, the 2x multiplier power-up is able to double your number, which will make you more powerful and raise your growth progress. If you figure out any 2x multiplier power-up on the arena, do not ignore it. Let's pick it up at all costs. However, you also need to be careful with a division power-up as it will halve your number. Stay away from it to avoid decreasing your size and power.

Start with a bigger number

Before entering the arena, you can click the Start Bigger button to increase the number of your snake. Note that you can use this button twice. On the first time, you are allowed to increase your number by 16 times. Then, you can raise your number by 4 times. Thus, your number can increase from 2 to 128. If you start with the cube with the number 128, you will have a high winning chance.

Steal your rivals' blocks by cutting into them

If you want to attack enemies who have the same number as you, you can start to cut into them first instead of colliding with their heads. This will help to steal their blocks and decrease their power and size. After consuming the blocks of your rivals, you will become stronger than them. At this time, you can kill them easily. Even when you have to encounter stronger snakes in the arena, you can apply this method to reduce their power.

Cubes 2048 io

Cubes 2048 io is an exciting io game that allows many players to play online in the same arena. You need to compete with other players to collect cubes. This io version has many surprising features. Let's discover them now.

Play with your friends or other players

Right after the game was released, it won the hearts of millions of players from all over the world. Therefore, the developer decides to introduce an io version of this game to create an environment for players to play together. This multiplayer version allows you to have fun with other players from all over the world. Besides, you can copy the game link and send it to your friends to invite them to play with you. You and your friends can play as a team to attack other snakes in the arena. Try to become the strongest snake team.

The leaderboard

The leaderboard in the game

One new feature of the multiplayer version is the leaderboard. This leaderboard shows the names, ranks, and scores of five players. When looking at this leaderboard, you also can know your rank, name, and score. If you are one of the three top players, you will get a crown. The golden crown is used for the player on the first rank. The player getting the second rank will get the silver crown. Finally, the one who gains the third rank will be rewarded with a bronze crown. Come on! Play this game now and let's see what your highest rank is on the leaderboard.

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by Playmost Games. The creator initially released this game in December 2022 and added many new features to this game on January 17, 2023. You can use your PC or mobile phone to play the game on the web browser for free.